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Water supply is  complex work, which, thanks to the professionalism of our specialists, is carried out in the shortest time and at a high technical level.

“WAELCON” company provides a full range of high quality, reliable and fast activities for internal and external water supply for various premises: industrial premises, factories, the multi-residential complexes, shopping centers, hotels, vacation houses, private houses, offices, apartments, etc.

Due to our professional advice and services, we are able to reduce clients’ expenses while maintaining quality. Immediately after collecting all necessary data (geological research, the study of buildings and land), professionals begin to work on the installation of water supply system.

Problems associated with the operation of the sewerage system, are probably one of the most frustrating for customers and clients. That is why the proper installation and adjustment at the stage of construction is so important. “WAELCON” company has highly skilled professionals whose many years of experience in installation and design of engineering systems will ensure continuity and sustainability of the sewerage systems.

Our company can also provide professional services concerning calculation and installation of systems. The design of water supply, sewerage and drainage systems will be based on the customer planned projects, technical specifications, architectural drawings, in observance of corresponding norms and regulations.

Well-qualified specialists of “WAELCON” select the design scheme which determines most  suitable equipment, carry out installation of the pipeline and will make calculations based on the type and location of the local sewage treatment plants. In developing is taken into account plans, floors and customer requirements. Complex work will reduce the cost and timing for the project.


Water supply and sewerage services include:


–  Calculation of internal and external water and sewerage systems, of hot and cold water mounting points and of the pump station


–  Supply and installation of water supply and sewerage units


–  Supply and installation of pumps, pumping stations, pipes and pipe junctions


–  Mounting and commissioning