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Specialists of our company develop all kinds of ventilation systems for a variety of objects: industrial structures, factories, multi-residential buildings, shopping and entertainment centers, hotels, restaurants, banks, educational institutions, offices, houses, etc.

Work is carried out on the basis of technical specifications, architectural drawings and project design. Our experts have extensive experience in integrating of air space complex systems into the architecture, which is carried out in close collaboration with designer, when every inch of the ceiling or decoration of duct becomes important.

For efficient operation of ventilation systems are essential ventilation calculations, especially the aerodynamic calculation, which identifies the data on the total air flow rate, determines the cross-section ducts, calculates the pressure loss in ducts. In case of the acoustic calculation are determined the sound parameters of the air distribution system.

On the basis of calculations are carried out the final selection of materials and equipment and are determined the location of air supply and exhaust systems.


“WAELCON” company offers the following ventilation services:


–  Production and installation of air ducts, mufflers, throttle valves, made of galvanized metal


–  Calculation of ventilation equipments and pipelines


–  Import of ventilation systems, such as inlet and outlet systems, fans, heaters, coolers, etc.


–  Installation and commissioning