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  • “Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Global” (Japan)

    At Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group, we channel big thinking into solutions that move the world forward – advancing the lives of everyone who shares our planet.
    By bringing people and ideas together as one, we continue to pave the way to a future of shared success.
    Passionately finding new, simpler and sustainable ways to power our cities, improve infrastructure, innovate manufacturing and connect people and businesses around the globe with ever-increasing speed and efficiency.

  • “JAGO” (Italy)

    JAGO company was founded in 1990, Italy. Since then it has been one of the leaders company in the sphere of lighting.
    The products of JAGO company enjoy great demand among consumers in different countries, including those outside Europe. Absolutely all materials using in production of JAGO brand have an Italian origin. Handmade production allows to create exclusive luminaries filled with warmth and positive mood. Any place with JAGO will be really stylish and beautiful.

  • “IL FANALE GROUP” (Italy)

    Il Fanale Group is the initiative of its two promoters Luisa Martin and Fausto Dalla Torre, with the aim to develop production-quality lamps by applying secrets, knowledge and skills of proficient experts of the field.
    The strong entrepreneurial spirit, the high degree of specialization, the quality of the materials, the creativity of the designers and the innovation of the techniques used in the production are defining features of the company. Since its origin, due to the quality and uniqueness of its products the Company has developed distinguishing heritage, by making it known, in the Italian market and abroad.