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  • “MDV” (China)

    Brand MDV was created in 1999 on the base of commercial climate equipment division CAC of Midea Group Co., Ltd. It is a professional climate equipment for residential, commercial, social and industrial sectors. The initial MDV portfolio consisted only of complex high technological equipment and in 2001 were included split systems for residential buildings. The manufacturer by himself marks out MDV among its other brands exactly as the professional climate brand. Even in residential air conditioners MDV are implemented technologies used in climate equipment for industrial cooling (for instant, inverter technology of compressor control and electronic components). MDV embodies experience, ideas and scientific and technical achievements which the manufacturer has accumulated over decades of work.

  • “EXPERT-CABLE” (Russia)

    The “EXPERT-CABLE” cable is located in the Northern region of Oryol in the territory of the Orel Industrial Park. By the beginning of 2019, the company already has more than 20,000 sq.m. warehouse and production facilities. Today KZ “EXPERT-CABLE” is a young, high-tech and multifunctional production enterprise of a full cycle. The quality of the products of the “EXPERT-CABLE” is confirmed by state and interstate certificates of conformity.

  • “MONTAIR” (Italy)

    Precision air conditioners are produced under the trademark Montair (manufacturer – G.I. Industrial Holding S.p.A., Italy) – it is equipment for round-the-clock servicing of objects that need maximal precision in keeping temperature and humidity at constant level: data centers, server farms base stations of cellular communications system etc.
    All Montair products conform to European standards and characterize by high reliability and accurately selected high quality components from the world well known manufacturers. Its reliability are proved by number of tests carried out on requests from various companies including telecommunication ones.

  • “HITEMA” (Italy)

    HITEMA, an international Italian Company located in Padua close to Venice, one of the most wonderful historical city in Italy. It is a diversified global manufacturing and technology Company which offers a wide range of products and services in the fields of industrial refrigeration: HVAC chillers, climate technologies, air conditioning systems etc.
    The company’s goal is to apply new solutions to provide benefits and energy saving technology on the products.