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  • “SIME” (Italy)

    Sime founded in 1972 in Legnago, Verona, Italy. The company have operating divisions in: Italy, Great Britain, Spain and China. The distributors are all around the world, in markets as diverse as North America, Chile and Australia. In 1973 Sime was the first company to produce a compact and efficient plate cast iron radiator. Sime has been successfully delivering intelligent and environmentally-efficient heating and hot water solutions for over 40 years.

  • “FläktGroup” (Finland)

    Today the indoor air quality is very important and that’s why people are demanding improved air quality in indoor environment. Company Flakt Woods OY is committed to providing innovative products that make building environment safer and healthier.This commitment is reflected in the breadth and quality of their product range which includes air handling units, intake and exhaust systems, ducts, measurement and regulation devices,chillers, chilled beams, fans, fire dampers and etc.


    The Russian brand of HVAC equipment NED (New Engineering Discoveries), developed by an engineering company OVIK, exists in the Russian market of ventilation systems for over 20 years. The company’s range consists of over 7,000 items of products for ventilation and air conditioning. In the production of equipment NED uses components of such manufacturers as SIEMENS, ZIEHL-ABEGG AG GERMANY, DANFOSS, S + S. According to the independent market researchers, the company is one of three leading Russian manufacturers and suppliers of ventilation equipment.

  • “MDV” (China)

    Brand MDV was created in 1999 on the base of commercial climate equipment division CAC of Midea Group Co., Ltd. It is a professional climate equipment for residential, commercial, social and industrial sectors. The initial MDV portfolio consisted only of complex high technological equipment and in 2001 were included split systems for residential buildings. The manufacturer by himself marks out MDV among its other brands exactly as the professional climate brand. Even in residential air conditioners MDV are implemented technologies used in climate equipment for industrial cooling (for instant, inverter technology of compressor control and electronic components). MDV embodies experience, ideas and scientific and technical achievements which the manufacturer has accumulated over decades of work.