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“VTS Group” (Luxembourg)

VTS Group is a manufacturer of technically advanced equipment for the HVAC industry. They use innovative technologies in the areas of design research, production and the recent best practices in logistics.
Product quality, price and delivery time are the main elements of the company’s development strategy which make VTS Group a leader on the global HVAC market and a valued business-partner.
It now has production sites in Poland, in the USA, in India, in the UAE and Russia, branches in 20 countries all over the world and more than 500 professionals. For more than 30 years history there have been sold 1 500 000+ equipment units in more than 65 countries.
The highest quality of VTS devices is highly valued by the most significant independent global experts which is proved by the certificates: CE, TÜV, RoHS, Eurovent Certita Certification (ECC), AHRI, Intertek etc.
VTS Group mission is to be №1 AHU manufacturer in the world.