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  • “CLINT” (Italy)

    The trademark CLINT is owned by Italian company G.I. Industrial Holding S.p.A. – one of the leading European producer of industrial climate and ventilation equipment. Holding’s products are delivered in more than 70 countries. CLINT’s portfolio includes: chillers, condensing units, rooftop air conditioners, fancoils.
    All production processes are subject to severe inspections and checks both at intermediate and final stages. Assembled units are strictly tested in conditions that simulates real conditions at the place of usage.
    All CLINT products are manufactured in accordance with EU specifications and directives and have Eurovent and BV certification for pressurized fluids, also they have the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certificate. In 1999 CLINT plants became the first ones among Italy factories that had received this document.

  • “VBW” (Poland)

    VBW Engineering is one of the most leading companies of Poland in the spհere of production and installation of air conditioning and ventilation systems. Utilization spectrum of these unique systems is quite wide. These may be installed in shopping malls, restaurants, cottages, swimming pools, office interiors etc. Everywhere energy-saving and comfort are of utmost importance . Main goal of the company is to project and produce products according to the acepted international standards. High quality and relatively low price allow VBW Engineering to compete with the similar world leading manufacturers.

  • “DEKON” (Cհina)

    Ningbo Dekon Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd is a large-scale industry and trade integrated Company, one of the leading manufacturer and supplier for air conditioner products and ventilation systems. Products focus on packaged rooftop units, chiller and VRF systems.
    WAELCON LLC is the exclusive representative of Ningbo Dekon in Armenia.

  • “MECO” (China)

    MECO Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd is a manufacturer which has comprehensive competitiveness in the on the R&D and manufacturing of FCU product and light commercial air-conditioner. MECO factory has 3 sets of automatic air conditioning assembly lines, matched high-performance enthalpy difference test lab, water-cooled performance test station, air-conditioning inspection and other testing equipment, and also 70 sets of accessory machining equipment.
    WAELKON LLC is the exclusive representative of MECO Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd in Armenia.