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WAELCON LLC launches new project of heating, ventilation, electricity, water supply, internal drainage and roof drainage implementation works of indoor pool.

“WAELCON” LLC starts new round of works with “Oazis Computer” LLC, continuing the project of multifunctional public-purpose structure. Which is implementing the facade glazing, production of glazed constructions, structural fabrication and fully montage works.

One of the most beautiful works of “WAELCON” company is the Kapan fountains, which maintenance and regular inspections starts.
There are including automatic control systems, filtration systems, pumps, lighting and other equipments services and the software works.

Construction works by the address Arshakunyats avenue 194/3 are well processing.
Building’s reinforcement and decking cover works of the +4100 mm are going to an end. Floor platform is prepared for concrete.