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Due to the project of lighting you can see the 3D model of the external, internal, architectural and local lighting before the implementation and completion of work.

With the help of architectural facade lighting, each building can be transformed and modernized. In case of proper lightingour provided solutions will change the original appearance of the building, delivering a new way of architectural structure.

Experts of “WAELCON” company are also involved in the design and implementation of the internal and local lighting. In our service record can be found works on the coverage of parking lots, streets, landscapes, hotels, shopping malls, buildings, fashion shops, offices,  etc.

Our staff will always take into account the client’s preferences and aesthetic of lighting.

Currently, the project department of the company performs all kinds of technical, architectural and artistic lighting. We believe that only the joint work of architects, engineers, lighting designers and electrical, as well as practical advice wiring specialists guarantee the highest level of the work and can fully satisfy the demands of any customer. We will help you to design the project to highlight your object and on base of it create the  three-dimensional model of the project.

Based on the location of destination of buildings or landscapes, experts at “WAELCON” determine the type, color, shape, design and the amount of lamps and luminaires. Lighting is also regulated in accordance with the power of light and location of your property. In addition, we consider the wishes of the client in selecting colors and a number of characteristic parameters of lighting. At the final stage of design, we set up lights, doing the alignment light accents where it is needed.


Our company offers the following services on the coverage:


–  Projecting, design and 3D modeling by DIALux, Cinema4D, LightScape and other software


–  Import of luminaires, spotlights, lamps and transformers


–  Installation and programming