“WAELCON” company has adopted a comprehensive approach of actions in the area of capital construction, also performing functions that complete the general construction work – landscaping.

Landscaping is a complex of measures used to give an aesthetic appearance to a particular site, create a local infrastructure on the territories and provide the convenience of its operation.

Such measures are aimed at:

  • Provision and increase of the comfort level of living conditions;
  • Improvement of the aesthetic condition of the territory and maintenance of cleanliness;
  • Maintenance of the territory of the facilities and their compliance with the current requirements.

When the site is designed, the landscaping of the territory is carried out at the final stage after the construction works are finalized, and communications are laid. Usually, a previously developed design project is implemented here providing an opportunity to create a complete picture.

The process of beautification is not limited to mere landscaping of the territory; also, the surfacing is arranged, lighting is organized, small architectural forms such as litter-bins, benches, sheds and other facilities, as well as art objects that add an aesthetic touch to the space are being installed.

The elements of landscaping, among others, include the following:

  • elements of landscape gardening;
  • surfacing;
  • enclosures (fences);
  • water facilities;
  • street utility and technical equipment;
  • playground and sports equipment;
  • lighting elements;
  • information boards and advertising structures;
  • small architectural forms and urban furniture;
  • non-capital non-stationary facilities;
  • elements of capital construction facilities.

Complex landscaping may require the development of a project with the use of information about the relief and soil condition. In order to obtain the most unbiased data geodetic surveys are carried out; based on this data, the project documentation is being developed.

Among others, we employ experienced landscape designers in our work, and the competent organization of the process allows to minimize the timeframes for tackling the tasks.

In addition, “WAELCON” LLC performs the improvement of urban areas associated with certain difficulties due to the specifics of the location; our specialists are ready to accomplish even the most complex task.