IEK trademark has been known in Russia and CIS for more than 17 years. The Group of companies IEK  is the biggest Russian producer of electrical engineering equipment with a well-known trademark IEK and products for IT technologies with a trademark ITK.

    IEK offers holistic solutions in the fields of construction, utilities, transport, infrastructure, industry, energy and IT technologies.

  • Sime

    Sime founded in 1972 in Legnago, Verona, Italy. The company have operating divisions in: Italy, Great Britain, Spain and China. The distributors are all around the world, in markets as diverse as North America, Chile and Australia. In 1973 Sime was the first company to produce a compact and efficient plate cast iron radiator. Sime has been successfully delivering intelligent and environmentally-efficient heating and hot water solutions for over 40 years.

  • OMS Lighting oms

    OMS Lighting (Slovakia) company was founded in 1995. Due to the high qualifications in the design and manufacture of lighting equipment, OMS Lighting dictates trends in the field of artificial lighting in nearly 120 countries around the world for over 15 years. The company’s product range includes lighting for offices, hotels, restaurants, houses and warehouses, hospitals, banks, etc.

  • VBW Engineering vbw

    VBW Engineering is one of the most leading companies of Poland in the spհere of production and installation of air conditioning and ventilation systems. Utilization spectrum of these unique systems is quite wide. These may be installed in shopping malls, restaurants, cottages, swimming pools, office interiors etc. Everywhere energy-saving and comfort are of utmost importance . Main goal of the company is to project and produce products according to the acepted international standards. High quality and relatively low price allow VBW Engineering to compete with the similar world leading manufacturers.

  • Linea Light Group

    The story of Linea Light Group (Italy) goes back to 1985 when Minulamp, Eva Stampaggi and Linea Light, three acknowledged companies in the lighting sector, merged to create a new reality.
    Since then Linea Light Group has constantly evolved in response to market changes, anticipating them and focusing on research and collaboration with planners and light designers, in order to develop an ever-greater offer of products dedicated to all sectors.

  • Fontana Fountains SA fontana

    Company Fontana Fountains SA has more than 40 years of experience in planning, design and installation of the fountain equipment. The company offers a fountain components and a full range of fountain systems for residential, commercial and municipal buildings.


    HITEMA, an international Italian Company located in Padua close to Venice, one of the most wonderful historical city in Italy. It is a diversified global manufacturing and technology Company which offers a wide range of products and services in the fields of industrial refrigeration: HVAC chillers, climate technologies, air conditioning systems etc.
    The company’s goal is to apply new solutions to provide benefits and energy saving technology on the products.

  • Lena Lighting SA

    Lena Lighting SA is a leading Polish manufacturer of high quality lighting fixtures, listed since 2005 on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange in Warsaw, Poland.
    The company designs, develop and manufacture professional lighting solutions. Their products are present on both the domestic and foreign markets. Lena Lighting SA is a leading Polish exporter in lighting industry, presented at 70 markets worldwide.

  • Clint clint

    The trademark CLINT is owned by Italian company G.I. Industrial Holding S.p.A. – one of the leading European producer of industrial climate and ventilation equipment. Holding’s products are delivered in more than 70 countries. CLINT’s portfolio includes: chillers, condensing units, rooftop air conditioners, fancoils.

    All production processes are subject to severe inspections and checks both at intermediate and final stages. Assembled units are strictly tested in conditions that simulates real conditions at the place of usage.
    All CLINT products are manufactured in accordance with EU specifications and directives and have Eurovent and BV certification for pressurized fluids, also they have the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certificate. In 1999 CLINT plants became the first ones among Italy factories that had received this document.

    All products of G.I. Industrial Holding S.p.A. have 3 year warranty period.

  • Fujitsu General general

    GENERAL – the world-known Japanese brand of air conditioners, under which high technological climate equipment of various types, classes and purposes are manufactured. GENERAL – the sole own climate trademark of Fujitsu General Ltd., which count its history from 30s of the last century.

  • MDV mdv

    Brand MDV was created in 1999 on the base of commercial climate equipment division CAC of Midea Group Co., Ltd (China). It is a professional climate equipment for residential, commercial, social and industrial sectors. The initial MDV portfolio consisted only of complex high technological equipment and in 2001 were included split systems for residential buildings. The manufacturer by himself marks out MDV among its other brands exactly as the professional climate brand. Even in residential air conditioners MDV are implemented technologies used in climate equipment for industrial cooling (for instant, inverter technology of compressor control and electronic components). MDV embodies experience, ideas and scientific and technical achievements which the manufacturer has accumulated over decades of work.

  • Montair montair

    Precision air conditioners are produced under the trademark Montair (manufacturer – G.I. Industrial Holding S.p.A., Italy) – it is equipment for round-the-clock servicing of objects that need maximal precision in keeping temperature and humidity at constant level: data centers, server farms base stations of cellular communications system etc.
    All Montair products conform to European standards and characterize by high reliability and accurately selected high quality components from the world well known manufacturers. Its reliability are proved by number of tests carried out on requests from various companies including telecommunication ones.

  • Novair novair

    Full range of ventilation units for residential and industrial sectors are produced under the trademark Novair (manufacturer – G.I. Industrial Holding S.p.A., Italy). All products are made of high quality materials and characterized by reliable and easy operation. The units conform to specific requirements as low noise level, precise control of temperature and humidity especially where air quality is critical need for high quality production standards. 30 year experience of the company in creating energy efficient, reliable and high quality ventilation equipment is realized in Novair units.

  • Nowodvorski Lighting novodvosrki

    Nowodvorski Lighting,the Poland company,which is a family company founded in 1994. Till 2011 the company existed under the bussiness name “Technolux”.The company’s mission is to offer wide asortment of affordable and decorative lighting fixtures,which are designed for both people who value classic style and those who prefer modern solutions.

  • SA-RA sara

    The success story of SA-RA takes its origins in 1985. It is from that very year, SA-RA adopted a truly global impact of their activities. SA-RA is a group of companies, mainly operating in the energy sector, construction and tourism. The high reputation of SA-RA in Turkey and abroad caused by the timely execution of the work, high quality and due diligence. All of this is the result of financial and technical capabilities of the company, experienced and highly qualified personnel.

  • LEUCOS leucos

    Founded in 1962, italian company LEUCOS captivated customers for its uniqueness and originality in the lighting sphere. Since then the company constantly has been producing innovative and creative lighting solutions. The main distinction of LEUCOS products is the outstanding design featured with old traditions of Murano glass processing. Due to its artistic philosophy, which concentrates on the importance of design, company products continue to “grow” relying on the cooperation with the best designers from all over the world. The reputation of impressive and stylish company has strengthened LEUCOS brand in the world market.

  • Thorn Lighting thorn lighting

    Thorn Lighting company, founded in 1928 by Sir Julius Thorn, is part of the group Zumtobel. Today Thorn Lighting company is one of the leading manufacturers of reliable equipment for indoor and outdoor lighting and lighting control systems. Thorn Lighting is producing innovative products for different customers, from wholesalers until the public and private organizations and individuals. Their products are used for lighting offices, cultural facilities, interiors and exteriors of shopping malls, roads, landscapes, sports facilities, industrial facilities in more than 100 countries.

  • NED (New Engineering Discoveries) ned

    The Russian brand of HVAC equipment NED (New Engineering Discoveries), developed by an engineering company OVIK, exists in the Russian market of ventilation systems for over 20 years. The company’s range consists of over 7,000 items of products for ventilation and air conditioning. In the production of equipment NED uses components of such manufacturers as SIEMENS, ZIEHL-ABEGG AG GERMANY, DANFOSS, S + S. According to the independent market researchers, the company is one of three leading Russian manufacturers and suppliers of ventilation equipment.

  • Forma Lighting forma lighting

    Forma lighting company was founded in 1967, in Great Britain by initiative of 2 brothers Lorenzo and Guido Maghnagi. Founded as a family company, Forma Lighting strives to protect the environment for future generations. Due to assorted of Forma Lighting, lamps can be selected for apartments, private houses, as well as for offices, restaurants, bars, hotels and etc. Anyway, when you choose luminaires for someplace, first of all you choose environmentally-quality products.

  • Hammer

    Hammer is a group company established in 2004. Hammer (Hongkong) is the brand and finance holding company. Under this group, it has 1 own factory and 1 strategy cooperation factory in China. The company produces chillers, air handlings, hygienic air handling, fan coils in factories located in China and supply to China domestic market and export to other countries.

  • Il Fanale Group il fanale

    Il Fanale Group is the initiative of its two promoters Luisa Martin and Fausto Dalla Torre, with the aim to develop production-quality lamps by applying secrets, knowledge and skills of proficient experts of the field.
    The strong entrepreneurial spirit, the high degree of specialization, the quality of the materials, the creativity of the designers and the innovation of the techniques used in the production are defining features of the company. Since its origin, due to the quality and uniqueness of its products the Company has developed distinguishing heritage, by making it known, in the Italian market and abroad.

  • Flakt Woods OY flaktwood

    Today the indoor air quality is very important and that’s why people are demanding improved air quality in indoor environment.

    Company Flakt Woods OY is committed to providing innovative products that make building environment safer and healthier.

    This commitment is reflected in the breadth and quality of their product range which includes air handling units, intake and exhaust systems, ducts, measurement and regulation devices,

    chillers, chilled beams, fans, fire dampers and etc.

  • Griven griven

    Italian company GRIVEN, founded in1990, is a world leader in the field of architectural lighting. The company’s products is a high quality, reliable and innovative lighting for any weather and at all times that are capable of extraordinary and alternative solutions in the field of professional lighting. Innovation and durability - these are the values ​​of the company Griven. Due to affiliated companies, products for theatrical and architectural lighting are available worldwide.

  • JAGO jago

    JAGO company was founded in 1990, Italy. Since then it has been one of the leaders company in the sphere of lighting.
    The products of JAGO company enjoy great demand among consumers in different countries, including
    those outside Europe. Absolutely all materials using in production of JAGO brand have an Italian origin. Handmade production allows to create exclusive luminaries filled with warmth and positive mood. Any place with JAGO will be really stylish and beautiful.

  • LTS Licht lts

    LTS Licht, the German company founded in 1985, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of technical lighting. The wide product range of LTS covers almost all applications from lighting stores up to production facilities, public facilities, offices, etc. The company’s products for indoor lighting complies with international standards of high quality.
    LTS company has partners in over 30 countries around the world.

  • DEKON dekon (2)

    DEKON – a large-scale industry and trade integrated company, is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of air conditioning products and ventilation systems in China. Products focus on packaged rooftop units, fancoils, chillers, light commercial and “VRF” air conditioners. By designing and manufacturing a wide range of A/C and ventilation products, DEKON can supply models for use in residential apartments, houses, commercial buildings, hotels, shopping malls and public venues. DEKON strives for better air and aims to supply its products to every corner of the world.

  • Teclumen teclumen

    From the date of its creation (1978), company Teclumen specializes in organization of mass production of the most famous Italian and international brands. Over time, experience in the field of lighting allowed the company to create its own brand and offer a theatrical and architectural lighting equipment under the name Teclumen. As partners in the production Teclumen works with leading global organizations such as Philips, Lumileds, etc. The company’s products exported worldwide.

  • Sylvania sylavia

    Founded in 1924, Havells-Sylvania (United Kingdom) is one of the world’s major lighting groups. For more than a century it has improved the way people live by enabling them to enjoy better lighting in a more sustainable manner.
    Today, the company continues to build on its exceptional reputation as an innovator and creator of high-efficiency, energy-saving light sources and luminaires by providing full spectrum lighting solutions tailored to your individual and local needs. The company has three main brands – Concord, Lumiance and Sylvania.

  • HP Trend s.r.o hp trend

    HP Trend s.r.o is a Czech trade and manufacturing company which was founded in 1997. Currently, HP Trend is one of the largest Czech producer of polypropylene piping systems. Main manufacturing program is an integrated system for polypropylene pressure distributions of hot and cold water, central heating, under floor heating and air distribution. Currently, 80% of production is exported to the European Union and Eastern Europe.

  • Citylux citylux

    Italian company Citylux produces lighting items of high quality for interior design.

    Reliability and experience are the main features of the company. Company suggests unique solutions in interior lighting. Company also produces special and innovative products, already tested by many of most successful companies in the field of interior design. A classic and modern range of the company, manufactured in Northern Italy and made of the finest fabrics and materials, will make any atmosphere special.

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